Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post-Maoli Thursday

Beyond Election 2008: What's at Stake for Native Hawaiians was another great Ka Huli Ao event.

This was our first attempt at live-streaming an event. We experienced some glitches in the beginning and in the middle. Unfortunately, during the streaming the web browser crashed and we needed to re-start our computer. So, all in all, we missed the first few minutes in the live stream and then there was a break in the video. I wasn't sure if the questions from the audience were being picked up by the video camera's microphone, so I wrote those questions on the streaming video for viewers to read.

Despite these technical issues, I'd like to share a comment however, that was sent to us via e-mail,

The sound was excellent, the picture was relatively excellent, and the typing of the questions was very helpful, eventhough, I could here the questions being asked.

Overall, it was a very excellent and helpful tool to give access for those of us who couldnt physically be there in the room. Access to discussions like this is sorely lacking in our communities and this is one way you all have provided for that void. Although we have got Public Access Stations like Olelo, it always shows the discussions days, weeks, or even months later. This was right now and it let us get updated right now.

your reminders, even up to the minute, were essential for me, especially because I have 1000 things to do in a day. mahalo.

Amy Wiecking from the Law School office called us also and shared that she received positive comments about our live-stream also.

We have available here the two videos for readers to watch. Unfortunately I can't confirm that the quality of the video is as good as the live stream.

Beyond Election 2008 - Part 1

Beyond Election 2008 - Part 2
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Filibustered said...

Hey there Ka Huli Ao folks,
Getting your events streamed is an excellent idea, as is posting the videos online. I enjoyed viewing them.
--Edward Hu

Ka Huli Ao: Center for Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law said...

Thank you for visiting and watching Ed. We encourage you to check back for updates.