Monday, November 3, 2008

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Elections

Tomorrow is elections day nationwide but in Hawai'i there are a few political seats up for election that directly impact the Native Hawaiian community.

According to information from a State of Hawai'i government website, there are four (4) Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee positions up for election. We've provided links to each named candidate (except for Donald Cataluna who is running un-opposed) for you to click on to learn more about each candidate.

OHA Trustee Island of Hawai'i:
1.) Lindsey, Bob
2.) Meyers, William

OHA Trustee Island of Kaua'i:
1.) Cataluna, Donald

OHA Trustee Island of Moloka'i:
1.) Machado, Colette
2.) Purdy, Waipa

OHA Trustee No Island Residency Required [At-Large]:

1.) Apoliona, Haunani
2.) Honda, Helene
3.) Kippen, Colin
4.) Nalua'i, Sol

For each individual race, there is an incumbent. After tomorrow we will see if there are any changes in trustees.

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