Monday, November 10, 2008

Federal Money?

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin has an editorial on the so-called "status" of Hawai'i. While it may not appear relevant to Native Hawaiian issues at first, it very well might be. The editorial focuses on one of the most senior Senators, Daniel Inouye, and his position as the chairman of the Appropriations Committee. The Senate Appropriations Committee has been described as the most powerful senate committee. Reviews of different news articles suggest that Senator Inouye is expected to bring more federal funding to Hawai'i, possibly to existing and new programs designed to benefit Native Hawaiians. Congressman Neil Abercrombie has previously also pointed out that having a Hawai'i-born President in office may also prove to be beneficial to Hawai'i.

You may be wondering if we have a bias towards the Honolulu Star-Bulletin over the Honolulu Advertiser. There really is no bias other than the mere fact that Honolulu Star-Bulletin doesn't make people purchase old articles and the Honolulu Advertiser does. If we were to regularly place links to the Honolulu Advertiser website, after about two months, those links would be dead links. By citing to the Star Bulletin, we don't expect those links to die anytime soon.

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