Thursday, April 2, 2009

Native Court in Hawai‘i

Today at 12:45 pm we will be live-streaming, "AN ALTER-NATIVE COURT FOR HAWAI‘I: Exploring the Needs and Possibilities." You can watch it on the video player below.

Ka Huli Ao Post-J.D. Fellow, Ka‘ano‘i Walk leads a discussion on the idea of a Native court in Hawai‘i. Is there a need for a Native Court? What jurisdiction could such a court have? How do Native courts operate in other settings? Ka‘ano‘i is joined in the discussion by T.J. Quan, a practicing attorney, currently working with the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, who has also represented Native Hawaiians in both criminal and civil courts. Ka‘ano‘i is also joined Colin Kippen, a Native Hawaiian and a former tribal court judge for the Suquamish Tribe.

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